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Published March 25, 2013 by Miss Pamstar


Trapped in the land of our ancestors

Trapped in the community of our fathers

Trapped in the life of pain, poverty and suffering

Trapped in the scary dreams of others

Trapped in the age of generation now

Trapped in the country of empty promises

Trapped in the in the world of apartheid, xenophobia and discrimination.

Fighting for freedom that seems not to come

Fighting for a brighter future that seems deem

Fighting for survival that seems impossible

Waking up with hope of a better tomorrow

Waking up with fear of being isolated

Waking up with evil thoughts of suicide

Struggling to make ends meet

Struggling, always reaffirming, always resuming the fight for survival

Often halting, loitering, straying, delaying, returning, yet following no other way

Then came a predetermined moment,

A moment in time of time,

A moment not out of time, but in time, what we call history

Transecting, bisecting the world of time

The moments of happiness not the sense of wellbeing

We have the experience but not the meaning

It still goes back to one thing

And one thing only.

There is no superior way to brand it

It is simple and straight forward

It’s life!

Unfair as it is we have to live it

Peculiar as it is we have to embrace it

There is only one way to conquer it

That is, to live it

No matter how bad you want to tag it

Trust me it’s livable!

Where can one go to survive?

Where is a country with no poverty, pain and suffering?

Imagine if life was perfect

Damn it would so monotonous!

Life with challenges is good for me,

It makes me stronger and wiser!

No matter how trapped I am – I’m going to live!


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