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Pink Week, What A Great Affair, – Not so ‘Frivolous’ For Some

Published September 20, 2013 by Miss Pamstar

krSo Rainbow UCT had its annual flagship event where we celebrate sexual diversity and being proud of who we are as the LGBTI community on campus. With a range of events that took place throughout the week. After two amazing opening speeches from the acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Thandabantu Nhlapo and the SRC President Lorne Hallendorff. We had a candle light vigil that took place on Monday evening at the Graca lawns in lower campus, where we paid respect to all the LGBTI people who were brutally murdered because of their sexual orientation. The evening’s speaker was Ndumi Funda of Lulekisizwe and Naledi Raba graced us with a poem to close the vigil.

On Tuesday we had a stimulating conversation titled ‘Homosexuality is more African than Christianity’ in the panel we had a speaker from the religious studies department Dr. Annie Leatt, an Atheist Jacques Rousseau and a Reverend Rowan Smith. On Wednesday we had Triangle project gracing us with their presence and distributing safer sex packs and booklets. Later that evening we had a documentary screening from our very own favorite academic Dr. Zethu Matebeni titled ‘Breaking out of the box’. Thursday was a cherry on top for Pink week as we had a ‘Drag race’  with the ‘Diva’ Odidi Mfenyana and Johnny Deep form the Drag kings during meridian, with Rainbow UCT members cross dressed as part of the festivities. kr

And later that evening a controversial talk from Eusebius Mckaiser titled ‘Intersections: Race, Class and Sexual Orientation’. I must say, I was looking forward to the talk but I got very disappointed by the narcissistic and insensitive Mckaiser who stated that “When my friends and I and other middle class LGBTI people go to the Jhb Pride, we go there to look for potential husbands, shags or ben 10’s not for political reasons” Furthermore, McKaiser went on to say “Gay Pride is all about frivolity” right after he mentioned Simon Nkoli, what an insult! Mckaiser said all of this relating to what happened in Jhb pride in 2012 with one in nine members disrupting the parade to request a moment of silence for all the LGBTI people who were victims of hate crimes. I sat there in disgust as the arrogant of the pot belly man boasting to varsity students about being a middle class and frivolous.


Enough about ‘Mr. Frivolity’ and back to a successful Pink Week despite the ‘homophobic’ Cape Town weather. To close off this wonderful and productive week, the Rainbow UCT committee had planned an indoor picnic with board games. The purpose of Pink Week was served, we have educated people, we have raised funds, and we have united as UCT students in support and celebration of sexual diversity in our campus.

Check out our website and Facebook for pictures and videos for Pink Week 2013!


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