Published August 22, 2013 by Miss Pamstar

imagesWoman’s Month is almost over to all you lovely women out there remember u are priceless, never let any one tell you any different. If you are in an abusive relationship WALK AWAY! you deserve better, yes love hurts but do not let it leave bruises!!!

Wet pillows at the hands of an abuser,

Whom you forgave the last time,

They beat your ass up.

SCREAMING! For help,

But no one is there to help your terrified ass,

All you hear is the voice of your “lover”

Ooops I did it again – I’m sorry baby.

Helpless you are,

As you depend on them,

Unaware you’re suffering because of them.

Your heart and body is bleeding,

You hate them!

Yet the love you claim to have for them keeps you.

Until when will you be the victim?

Love ain’t suppose to be like that,

When will you ever get tired of hearing…?

Ooops I did it again – I’m sorry baby.

You sit and cry alone,

Blaming yourself for the abuse,

Forgetting you’re the victim at the hands of the abuser

Whose breaking your heart and face with fists.

Speaking up is hard as the fists you receive,

All for…

Ooops I did it again – I’m sorry baby!

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