Published August 2, 2013 by Miss Pamstar

download doorBehind closed doors people starve,
Behind closed doors people are killed.
Behind closed doors our mothers and sisters are abused
Physically, emotionally and sexually,
Behind closed doors children are raped and sodomised,
Behind closed doors teenage pregnancy multiplies,
Behind closed doors mothers pray for their promiscuous daughters and criminal sons,
Behind closed doors sisters sleep their way to the top,
Behind closed doors fathers sleep with girls our age and younger,
Behind closed doors families split,
Behind closed doors cousins sleep with cousins
Bese bathi umzala no mzala bazala indodana,
Behind closed doors abantu bayathakatha
Behind closed doors shit happens.
I love privacy but privacy happens behind closed doors,
I hate closed doors when there’s too much negativity attached to them,
There are no words to say
No words to convey the feelings I have for closed doors
What has this world come to?
People starve,
Women and children are not safe even in their homes
AIDS is fashionable within the youth
Teenage pregnancy is a norm nowadays
Discrimination towards homosexuals and foreigners will never end,
Because we enjoy a good laugh at the expense of someone else’s misery,
Behind closed doors I cried to God for safer closed doors
A positive message of truth entered my ear,
A message of hope is being released from my heart
And I am overwhelmed with dedication to do my part
All I ever wanted was to be what I once was unbounded
The creation of safer closed doors we will never enjoy
Coz the stigma attached to closed doors will never be erased
What are you doing to save victims of closed doors?
It was said that silence is golden,
But not when innocence souls are victimized
Speak up! Save yourself if you’re the victim
Speak up! Save someone else,
Let’s create safer closed doors for generations to come.



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