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Published January 26, 2013 by Miss Pamstar

downloadOne cannot help but get sucked into the world of technology and the beauty or the indignity it has brought to mankind’s verbal communication. Social networks have broken down the true meaning of communication, while others may disagree and say it has expanded communication. I guess at this point we may have to agree to disagree. Internet bullying became popular at the dawn of social networks, in a way I guess it’s safe to say it all depends on the individual and how they use social networks and for what purpose.
Even so, one cannot turn a blind eye to the ever growing fetish of adults behaving like a bunch of high school girls who bully others to make themselves feel good about their flaws. Moreover, the growth of gossip groups on facebook to become popular at the expense of other people. I guess it is a vicious cycle to psychological disorders that cannot be acted in public because of the stigma attached to them, so now people choose social networks to vent out their anger about their failures and misfortunes. It is sad indeed that the networks that are created to connect us also have the power to divide us. It is all about choice at the end of the day, as to get sucked in for the good or the bad, but either way you have to watch your back and be mindful of what you share with the world because not everyone is happy about your successes, and not everyone is sympathetic to your pain and not everyone is supportive in your moments of failure.
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 🙂 A little late i admit, but No Limits has not died and neither has its owner 😛

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