Published August 2, 2012 by Miss Pamstar

One of the best aspects about growing older
Is that I also grow wiser.
All my experiences slowly taught me
To make better choices and encourage
Others to do the same.
It gave my spirit depth and made me
A better woman.
I’ve learnt that to gain wisdom
Is a slow and lengthy process.
That is why I am a thinker,
And I don’t simply accept ideologies as truth.
I gather wisdom incrementally
I don’t wait until I reach a crisis point
I listen to wise people.
But still I AM MY OWN WOMAN!

I don’t confuse opinion or intelligence for wisdom,
Because wisdom cannot be acquired from a book
Or those who are opinionated.
I learn it through observing the lives of others
But God is within me;
Giving me the greatest wisdom that no man
Can teach or give me.

I am not my hair or my clothes.
I am Pam one of the strongest woman, who acquired her wisdom from the one above.
I am my own woman – of course with the help from God.
The quest for wisdom
Is littered with other peoples ideas,
And sometimes it is hard to separate
What I believe from what I feel I should believe.
I am not perfect!
That is why I’m fighting that my interior
Be as impressive as my exterior.
I don’t underestimate elders
Coz I know their life’s experiences possess oodles of wisdom.

I know that life is short
One of the reasons I choose to learn from other peoples mistakes
Coz I won’t live long enough to make them all on my own.
I am my own woman
I do learn from my own mistakes as well
I’m wise and I will be wiser if God stays in my heart all the time.


4 comments on “I AM MY OWN WOMAN

  • I love this keep it up and yes always remember that everything thats good come from God .Always lean on him for strength and guidance .He will aways be ur Pillar

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