There is a new dyke in the blog…

Published June 22, 2012 by Miss Pamstar

Hey there lovely people of the f****d up universe, to some I don’t need intro but hey who cares I just wanna shine on my vaseline one more time why the F**k not? For the first time in my life I can use the F word in my writing with no shame and it feels so freaking good. Hate not, I won’t make it a habit it’s just my way of getting rid of the nerves.  *clears throat* Okay, let’s bake this cookie… :D

Some of you might be familiar with some of the articles I will be posting in the next couple of weeks, reason being Exit (gay and Lesbian newspaper) that I was writing for did not reach everyone. So I decided to re-publish to fill you in on what has been happening in my life and that of other homosexuals.


The minute people see or hear the words “religious” and “tolerance” in one sentence, they immediately associate them with Christianity and the Bible. What makes Christianity most susceptible to criticism of homosexuality and not the other religions? It could be a lot of things or maybe even the fact that, Christians fall easy to prey because of their quick judgments and referrals to the holy book.

The media has not made it easy on them as most documentaries frequently use them to justify homosexuality. Come to think of it, South Africa is said to be a rainbow nation country and we has a lot of other religions, but they are not equally recognized in these documentaries. Take for instance Muslims; it is not like there are no homosexuals in that religion, but the approach and influence of the media is frequently directed at Christians. Most of whom are from the townships where Christianity is most significant. The question that now rises is why the media coverage is not widely spread into other religions to create more controversy and to get more answers of how other religions feel about homosexuality?

The same controversy on culture has not been widely spread as they tend to link these debates “culture” and “religion “and Zulu’s are often the target. Could it be because of the link to the language and heaven: (Izulu = Heaven and Zulu = Culture/Language). Either way Zulu’s are frequently criticized of ignorance yet they are praised for their respect in their culture. I don’t know why, but I feel many might argue the point of ignorance since our President is a Zulu speaking man. What about the comments that Zulu’s are against homosexuality blah, blah, blah! On that note not only them, but we also have other cultures that are against homosexuality. A few months back my friend and I had a debate with Pedi guys at a retail store, these guys were arguing that there are no gays in their culture. For a moment I believed them as I had never heard or seen a Pedi gay before. To my surprise I met one just recently who is out and proud to be gay. Goes to show how easy it is to judge and protect our cultures without proper research of human sexuality.

Back on religion, debates are never fully closed as to who wins the argument between homosexuality being a sin and how we are all going to burn in Hell, the scientific facts and our opinion as homosexuals. I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore to most, as homosexuals are slowly accepted or rather tolerated in churches.

Nowadays we have homosexual pastors, who lead churches and are conscious and cautious of the over popular verses in Leviticus and the Corinthians about homosexuality. Not that it is a bad thing, after all the Bible was written by humans who knows whether they wrote it to suit themselves and their beliefs or maybe that they too were homophobic like most Christians. It still doesn’t change the fact that we are here.

I somehow agree that maybe they were sent by God to write those verses, but what is said is not often written as it was said. Although most of you might agree with me when it comes to the contradiction by Christians to the fact that somewhere in the Old Testament it says “God created man in his own image” why then is it so difficult for them to accept that we are also God’s children and are created in his image.

Satanism is also a religion according to most, which is associated with evil and darkness. Take Goth’s for instance, it is also a subculture that is associated with evil because of their appearance. Most people love black nail polish and black clothing, I am one of them, but does that make us Goth?

My opinion is, it is just like the typical misconception that if you are lesbian you want to be a “man” which does not entirely apply to all lesbians.We can debate this topic until Jesus comes back, but we will never reach a mutual conclusion and understanding of religion and homosexuality. Being judgmental about it also does not help as we are also defying the word of God according to the Bible, Matthew to be exact (Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Matthew 7:1). What is written in the Bible is now regarded as history as it is ancient.  What matters now is that we are here and we are writing articles like these, which will also be regarded as history in years to come. The fact remains that homosexuals were there during the writings of the Bible, and are here now that’s why we write about them, and they will be here in years to come. So these debates are really not worth it.

Your thoughts on this will be very much appreciated. :)


10 comments on “There is a new dyke in the blog…

  • Deep yet inspirational. I 4 one am stil busy wit my 2nd novel on homosexual. Been waitin wit anticipation and wonder if I shud continue wit it or not. Wit a huge part of me being inspired by ur work and words,I surely wil keep on keeping on. Thanx 4 da role u played. Young and Proud..xoxoxoxo, :*

    • Refiloe, it is such an honor 2 read these words 4rm a young writer like you. I would love to read your 1st novel n hopefully the 2nd coz I can feel and believe dat you will dance in that novel. Keep dancing and keep reading the blog 4 more hard hitting inspirational homosexual articles. Thank you 🙂

  • I love this! I blogged something similar a while ago, I swear I didn’t steal the idea off you… I only just saw this now. I like your argument on this debate, I especially like your analogy of satanism. many people like black nail polish and clothes, but why should that mean they are goths. The same goes for any other stereotype.

  • Pamstar , this amazing gal ……Keep on keeping we need people like you , it encourages and motivates us ,too keep pushing in teaching and educating the ignorant public about homoseuality . I pray that blog does exactly that and i wish you all the luck .

    Job well done

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